our chefs

William Faber, Head Chef of Culinary Development

Kasper Johansen, Executive Chef



William, Head Chef of Culinary Development, and Kasper, Executive Chef, are the foundation of our culinary team at Hubb Kitchens.

They each bring 10 years of experience in innovative kitchens from Denmark and around the world. At Hubb, they put their knowledge and skills together to build our tech-enabled kitchen and develop takeaway recipes that withstand the delivery process. Read more about our food concepts here.

William Faber,
Head Chef of Culinary Development

William started his gastronomic education and career at Bistro Boheme under the guidance of Per Thøstesen, the famous cookbook author and bistro owner. He later refined his palette at the Alchemist alongside the Michelin-star chef Rasmus Munk.

The perfect taste experience is what drives William, and is also what brought him into some of the world's most innovative kitchens -  in France, Australia, and Denmark.

Kasper Johansen,
Executive Chef

Kasper started his gastronomic education and career at AOC and FAMO, where he refined his skills trained by the Michelin-star chef Søren Selin (AOC).

From his early days in the kitchen, Kasper showed excellent planning & management skills, which led him to be in charge of high-level productions at Løgismose and to the role of Executive Chef in the Singapore branch of Leckerbaer.



Chef William and Chef Kasper selected our staff with as much care and consideration as they put into developing our takeaway recipes and brands.

A major advantage of operating from a custom, tech-enabled kitchen is that you can optimize every minute detail for full efficiency! Thus, we developed our own training programs to ensure our staff stays on top of their game and you get the same delicious food every time you order.