Our story

The Hubb Manifesto

We believe in zero compromise.
Not in quality. Not in choice.
We believe that you deserve to eat the best.
And he and she and they deserve to eat the best.

And what makes food the “best”?
Glad you asked.
We believe that the best food is the food that uniquely satisfies your cravings.
That it changes with the mood, the day, the hour.

It’s why we’ve perfected a range of concepts.
Cooking with intention to deliver excellence every time.
So if you’re leaning towards leafy greens for lunch
and he’s hungry for a juicy burger, everybody wins.

We’ve done this by trimming the fat.
We don’t waste time on white tablecloths.
No smoke, no mirrors, No wooden logs trying to be passed off as a plate. Just mouth-watering, Jaw dropping, Eye-opening Flavors and foods.

Designed to be delivered.
And made to be enjoyed.

Hubb Nordvest
Bisiddervej 14
2400 København NV
Hubb Frederiksberg
Godthåbsvej 86

2000 Frederiksberg

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